2017 Tile trends

2017 Bathroom Tile Trends

What’s on tap for 2017 bathroom tile trends? A lot! While modern bathrooms continue their allure with clean lines, monochromatic color schemes and orderly tile patterns, another trend is taking hold: unique tile shapes like hexagons and elongated hexagons. 2017 will see designers pushing the envelope with new tiles shapes, colors, and even textures. Tile companies will continue to innovate to bring fresh, new looks to the bathroom. Here are a few on-trend ideas to get you started on your bathroom remodel in 2017:

Terracotta Tiles

Photo Credit: Villa Hammerhills

Photo Credit: Villa Hammerhills in Sweden

What goes around, comes around! We were surprised to learn that terracotta tiles, popular in the early 1990s, are making a comeback, not only as floor tiles but as feature walls in showers and bathrooms. Why? While the trend in the sleek lines of  modern bathrooms is still popular, designers are looking for ways to choose at least one natural element to incorporate into bathrooms. Instead of only stark white and black tones in the modern bathroom, the warmth and richness of terracotta tiles paired with a frameless glass shower tiled with white subway tiles brings a natural glow to the bathroom. Plus, terracotta goes well with 2017’s Pantone Color of The Year- Greenery. The earth tones are a fun way to turn your bathroom into an all natural sanctuary. Terracotta also evokes the philosophy of wabi-sabi, a Japanese design concept on subdued organic aesthetics rather than focusing on perfection. 

Herringbone Patterned Tiles


Photo Credit: Australian Design Firm Smarter Bathrooms+

Herringbone pattern tiles consist of rectangles or parallelograms laid out in an alternating pattern. Bring a fresh new twist to the herringbone pattern by blending different colors together.

The tiles shown to the left are laid out in an elongated vertical herringbone pattern. This adds visual height to the bathroom, along with a very pleasing aesthetic. Traditionally, tile like this might be laid in a horizontal version, but in this case, with a smaller shower, it works to the homeowner’s advantage. 

Even though the subway tiles are white, note how the natural wood vanity really works with the stark white. This updated trend will be the topic of our next blog post.

Elongated Hexagonal Tile

Photo Credit: MS International via Home Depot

Photo Credit: MS International via Home Depot

Also known as honeycomb tile, hexagons have an evolved look for 2017 — elongated and matte. “Using this up-to-date tile pattern elevates the look of your bathroom to the most on-trend you can be right now,” says Dulles Glass bathroom design specialist Nathalia Perez. “If you want to kick it up a notch, create tile patterns with different colors of hexagons.” Perez says an arrangement with elongated hexagons using colors to create a border add visual cues to the walls, even becoming a focal point for a favorite piece of art. We’ve learned that pattern combining is a very up-to-date idea for any new bathroom. Can we say that hexagons have such a modern quality to them? Plus, they are unique!

Vertical Subway Tiles


Photo Credit: HGTV Remodel

If you want a  very contemporary bathroom look, implement the latest of tile trends – a vertical metro tile layout as opposed to horizontal.  This is an especially great style for smaller spaces, like a vintage bathroom with a lower ceiling height. When the ceiling is lower, the vertical rectangles add visual height in the absence of physical height.

If you choose this type of tile, pair it with a large rectangular vanity mirror. The good news is, Dulles Glass experts can help you get just the right mirror for your space, and install it for you.

If you’re looking to include a frameless glass shower from Dulles Glass in your bathroom remodel, you can engage with us at any time. Come down to the showroom to see everything we have to offer, or get a fast and easy quote online. Just remember, the tiles must be in place before any installation can begin. 

Thanks for stopping by to see what lies in store for your bathroom tile trends in 2017!


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