Author: Nancy DeZarn


The High-Tech Shower

Many people want to relax and get away when they're in the shower. (If you're a parent, sometimes it's the only "me" time you get, amirite?)  But in this increasingly high-tech world, even the bathroom can be part of the revolution. While you're in the…

Mold: Protect Your Family!

If you have a standard shower curtain with the usual plastic liner in your bathroom, you’ve probably seen it. After so many showers, black, brown, or even orange mold starts to grow. Then you’ve got to disassemble the entire shower curtain, put the liner in…

Steam Showers: What You Need to Know

A hot, steamy shower is something we can all agree feels great. But there are benefits beyond the immediate gratification that make steam showers a great investment. Spending some time in a steamy shower can improve circulation, ease cold symptoms, and soothe away aches and pains…
Square Brass Handle

Brass Is Back, Baby

Brass Is Back! The results have been rolling in for some time now and they all tell the same story! Brass  is back in style in full force! If you're remodeling your bathroom, need a new shower enclosure, or you're ready to get a quote…