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Surprise Your Valentine With A Bathroom Upgrade

Valentine’s Day is around the corner. While most people opt for chocolates and flowers, you want to go the extra mile for your loved one. For a gift that keeps on giving, turn your bathroom into a spa-like oasis with modern beveled mirrors and a custom glass shower door. Upgrading your bathroom doesn’t have to be a lengthy renovation. In fact, you can upgrade your bathroom with a variety of changes from tiny changes to big ones over the span of a couple days to a week. Let’s get started.

Step #1 How To Spend Less Time Cleaning Your Bathroom

Cleaning can get in the way of a romantic evening. However, you can spend more time with your loved one and reduce cleaning time. The biggest culprits to a clean bathroom is moisture, soap scum and hard water deposits. You can reduce moisture by allowing adequate ventilation. Once your bathroom is sparkling clean, you can think about other ways to spike up the romance!

Step #2 Create A Romantic Ambiance With Bathroom Lighting

Soft lighting is relaxing and romantic. Invest in a dimmer so that you can have more control over your lighting. When choosing a light dimmer, find one that mimics soft candle lights. Dimmers are a great way to create a romantic ambiance for a bubble bath. When installing lights, enhance your bathroom vanity with vertical lighting as it doesn’t cast shadows like ceiling lights. Plus, vertical lighting is ideal for grooming and the lighting will create a soft glow that isn’t harsh.

Step #3 Upgrade Your Bathroom Vanity With A Custom Mirror

Dulles Glass offers vanity mirrors, fireplace mirrors and foyer mirrors.

Most couples know that sharing a bathroom sink or vanity can be challenging. Why not upgrade your bathroom with two sinks with matching beveled oval mirrors? Add a personal touch to the mirrors by customizing the size, shape and edging.  A custom wall-sized mirror can add the illusion of spaciousness. If you want a contemporary mirror to go with your modern bathroom, choose a gray mirror. For a more decorative style mirror, a bronze mirror will complement your earth tone bathroom.

Consider a wall size mirror if your goal is to create the illusion of more space.

Step #4 Organize Your Bathroom With Glass Shelves

Glass Shelves by Dulles Glass

Imagine your love’s surprise when you go all out organizing that messy bathroom! A well-organized space invites feelings of calm and serenity. You can get custom glass shelves to help you and your partner stay organized, and they can safely hold candles, unlike wood or plastic shelves. What’s unique about our glass shelves is that you can customize the shelf attributes to fit your personal bathroom taste. To beautify the inside of your shower, consider corner glass shower shelves to store your toiletries. The corner glass shelves are made of tempered glass for added strength and safety. Use the glass shelves to store your DIY aromatherapy vapor disks or massage oil. 

Step #5 Add Style To Your Bathroom With A Modern Glass Shower Door

Your significant other will never forget the Valentine’s Day your pulled out all the stops: Updating your shower with a modern frameless shower door. That’s a gift that will look great and make cleaning easier for years to come. You can customize your frameless glass shower door or tub door and have it installed in less than 7 days. For example, we offer HDGlassTM, bronze, frosted, rain, and gray glass so you can choose the look and privacy offered by your new frameless shower door.

If you are concerned about finding the right size shower or tub door, Dulles Glass can customize the dimensions to fit your space. Whether you need a door and panel shower door, a single glass shower door, a neo-angle shower door or a sliding glass shower door, Dulles Glass can easily accommodate your personal taste. You can even personalize your shower door with custom hardware finishes like brass, nickel, chrome or oil rubbed bronze. We also offer a variety of looks for the door handles, from Victorian-style to sleek square. You can see some of the many options available here.

Step #6 Keep Your Glass Shower Door Looking New

Swap your bar of soap for liquid soap as liquid soap won’t leave as much residue. You will want to maintain the beauty of your new shower glass shower door by having Dulles Glass apply a coating of ClearShield. As a soap scum repellant, the Clearshield application to your shower doors will keep your glass doors shiny and pristine. Additionally, a coat of Clearshield shower glass protector will reduce scrubbing time and prevent build-up on your glass shower doors. Less cleaning means that you have more time to do enjoyable activities, like going on a date.

With our large selection of shower glass doors and added customizations, you can find your dream shower door and make this Valentine’s Day special. A beautiful bathroom is a perfect way to create a spa-like oasis they’ll use every single day.

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