Before and After: A Bathroom Love Story

This week, we’re bringing you a dramatic before and after that you can achieve yourself!

We get it. You bought the house and swore up and down that the bathroom would be the first thing to get an update. But who even knows how to start? It seems like a big job (and it is) but it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune or take forever to get your old shower transformed into luxury.

Take one of our latest projects, for example. This family wanted to “refresh” their bathroom (see what we did there?) by replacing their outdated framed swinging shower door with a sleek, luxurious new frameless one.  How did they do it? And more importantly, how can you get the magic bathroom fairies to come to your house?


Talk To Us:

Pick from several ways to engage with a glass shower expert here at Dulles Glass – whichever works best for you. We’ll talk through what kind of shower you need, what your options are with glass types, hardware, and other fun stuff. We may even do a preliminary measurement of your space.

  1. Visit a Showroom
  2. Schedule an In-home Consultation
  3. Get an Online Quote 

Timeframe: 24 hours



After we’ve settled all the details, we’ll send you a proposal.  You can check it out and the let us know when you want to get started.

Timeframe: Depends on your bathroom remodeling schedule


Final Measurements:

After the rest of your remodel is done, we’ll come out for the final measurements. A trained, professional technician will make sure to get this step just right.

Timeframe: 24-48 hours

Making Your Shower

From there, we’ll be able to make your shower. We fabricate the glass ourselves, so your shower can usually be completed quickly. This also means we’re responsible for the quality ourselves – so we make sure it’s perfect for you.

Timeframe: 5-7 business days



All you have to do is be there the day of installation. We’ll handle the rest! (This is where the bathroom fairies part comes in).  Trained professionals that work for Dulles Glass will come out and install your new shower quickly and efficiently.
1 day

As you can see, the process for turning the before into the after is a lot simpler than you might suspect. If you’re thinking of a new frameless glass shower, talk to a glass expert today!

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