Apartment Therapy Releases New Bathroom Trends

Blog Roundup: Apartment Therapy Releases New Bathroom Trends

Our friends over at decorating resource Apartment Therapy released a list of new bathroom trends, and since we like to keep our eye on that kind of thing, we’re giving you the scoop, too.

Apartment Therapy Releases New Bathroom Trends

Beautiful frameless shower in bathroom designed by Mark Williams Design.

One trend we find interesting is “making the bathroom look less like a bathroom.” It’s true; a bathroom doesn’t need to be a cold, texture-free zone. And even if you have a small bathroom, you can add touches that make it seem a little less industrial and a little more homey. Your bathroom can reflect the rest of your home and be unique and fun, just like you.

What really caught our attention was their analysis of frameless showers. Here’s an excerpt:

“Move over shower curtains and traditional shower doors: frameless showers are taking over. Once only for the most modern and high end of bathrooms, these sleek features are increasingly commonplace in remodeled masters, no matter what the style or decor.”

We couldn’t agree with this statement more! Frameless showers don’t have to cost a fortune and look great in big or small bathrooms with any decor.

Head on over to Apartment Therapy to read the rest of the new bathroom trends, and let us know what you think!

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