Square Brass Handle

Brass Is Back, Baby

Shower featuring a square brass shandle and other brass fixtures.

Shower featuring a square brass shandle and other brass fixtures.

Brass Is Back!

The results have been rolling in for some time now and they all tell the same story! Brass  is back in style in full force! If you’re remodeling your bathroom, need a new shower enclosure, or you’re ready to get a quote on a new shower, you’ll want to think about the type of finishes you’re selecting in other parts of your bathroom.

Once viewed as the bastion of home decor in the 1970s, this popular finish is showing up and kicking out such long-time favorites as stainless steel and chrome — and even the newly-trendy copper. Finding its way to elements as varied as furniture, hardware, bathroom and kitchen fixtures, and lighting, brass is apparently a thing now.

99e749174cc9The Wall Street Journal explains brass’ surging popularity in this way, “Relatively affordable, this ancient metal is nevertheless speaking to a 21st-century desire for luxury, timelessness and artisanship.”

Like anything once-popular that “comes back,” the new brass is slightly different than the old version. It often has a softer, warmer finish and is more evocative of gold than brass. Another update comes in the style of the items. Usually reserved for design elements with an ornate or traditional design, the new brass look is one of understated, modern luxury, featuring clean lines and squared edges.

The brass finish is showing up in traditional bathroom faucets and fixtures, and on dramatic-looking drawer pulls. Take this bathroom, for example, from Erin Gates Design.  The brass really pops on the elegant gray and white background, without looking outdated.


Square Brass Shower Door Handle

You can get this fresh, updated look when you redo your shower with Dulles Glass. We’ve got lots of great options, including great hardware in brass that will match perfectly with the rest of your decor.

All of our different shower door handles come in a brass finish, along with the hinges that hold the shower glass to the wall or to other pieces of glass. Coordinating these items can really bring your bathroom together in a classy, up-to-date way.

Brass pairs well with white, off-white, ivory, gray, and even black. Marbled or herringbone tiles are great companions for items with a brass finish. And don’t forget the lighting in your bathroom: warmer light will make the brass more attainable.

Any of our showers, from a single shower door to a corner or neo angle, are available with a brass finish.  A few of our sliding doors are not available in brass, so keep that in mind when shopping for a new shower enclosure with us. A glass expert will be happy to help you make sure you get exactly the shower of your dreams.

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