Doorless Shower Substitute | The Frameless Shower Door

Doorless Shower Substitute | Frameless Shower Doors


Should You Have A Shower Without A Door?

Doorless Showers, also known as open showers or showers without doors have been trending lately. There are many reasons why customers would opt for a shower without a door. Some people simply do not want the hassle of cleaning a shower door, whereas others prefer the open look. Or they might feel that an open shower door may be more suitable for the elderly and people with disabilities.

The Cons Of Open/Doorless Showers

The lack of a shower door may pose a potential danger of slipping on water as shower doors prevent water from spilling out onto the floor. Furthermore, an open shower door will let the steam out causing mold and creating a cold environment for showering. If taking a cold shower isn’t deterring enough, you will have to compensate by turning your water to a hotter temperature, which increases your utility bills.

The Doorless Shower Substitute | Low-Maintenance Frameless Shower Doors

Doorless Shower Glass Panels

Although the open shower door is attractive due to its low maintenance, there are shower doors that require less maintenance and cleaning such as the frameless shower door. Since the frameless shower door does not have a frame, there are no places for dirt, debris or mold to collect. In addition, the frameless shower door is made out of tempered glass, which is four times stronger than standard glass.

The frameless shower door combined with Clearshield, a glass shower protector, will keep your shower door looking like new without the elbow grease. You can customize your frameless shower door to be a half-glass panel that offers the same modern open look of doorless showers while preventing water from getting out of the shower stall.

Barrier Free Shower Stalls

If you are concerned about having an ergonomic shower that is easily accessible, you can schedule a FREE in-home shower door consultation online with a Dulles Glass representative, who will help you choose the right shower door for your family’s needs. The shower door consultation will be held in your home to assess the layout of your bathroom, provide accurate proposals for your frameless shower door installation and to offer the best shower door for wheelchair or special needs accessibility. We can provide the right shower door opening and layout to accommodate all members of your household.

All Frameless Shower doors can be securely attached to curbless shower stalls providing a barrier free shower stall. Furthermore, the shower glass panels can be cut to size to provide adequate width for your shower door entrance. The end result is a beautiful barrier free shower stall that is both ergonomic and eye-catching. If your bathroom’s dimensions permit, we can install a half glass panel that will make the shower easily accessible and prevent the need to open and close a shower door.

Frameless Shower Door Customizations For An Ergonomic & Accessible Shower

Practically, every component of your frameless shower door can be customized. The glass panels are cut to fit your particular bathroom and to cover knee walls, sloped ceilings, and corners. For an open concept, you can choose a bathtub or shower glass door screen, which is a pivoting half glass panel.

You can also customize the dimensions of your frameless shower doors to fit your bathroom. If you need an extra wide entrance to your shower door, our experts can go over the shower door construction process with you. Schedule your free consultation and take a look at the many styles of shower doors available.


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