Top 5 of 2015: Dulles Glass Year End Recap

2015 was a big year for Dulles Glass, and 2016 is going to be even bigger! But before we get to that, let’s recap a few of the bigger events for Dulles Glass in 2015.

Easy Shower Door Quotes

ShowerDoorQuotesThis year, we released the best way to get a quote for a new shower door online (if we don’t say so ourselves!). Ok, so we’re a little bit proud of the fact that you can get a fast, easy quote for a brand-new shower door in just minutes. And not one of those “this price now, another price later” types. Because of the way we built it, you get a solid quote that’s close, if not exactly, what you’ll pay when you get your invoice. It’s just five easy steps: Choose the shower type, the shape of the shower, enter your measurements, choose your custom options, and then tell us how to contact you…and BOOM! You’re on your way to the shower of your dreams.

What’s New In 2016: We’ll make it even easier to find the right shower for you with modifications to our quote system that make it more accurate and easier to do on a mobile device.

Shower Buying Guide

ShowerBuyingGuideIn 2015, we launched our Shower Buying Guide – an all-in-one place for new customers to learn about how to buy a shower. If you haven’t quite gotten through buying a new shower yet, the Shower Buying Guide will help you learn all you need to know about how to get the shower of your dreams.

What’s New in 2016:
More guides and help for people looking for new showers, new products, and more!

Refresh – A Blog by  Dulles Glass 

Shower_BlogYou’ve probably figured this out by now (you’re here, right?!) but we’re also pretty proud of our new blog. Not only is it a great place to get inspired and learn about how to get the right shower enclosure for you, but there’s also lots of information about bathroom decor, keeping your new shower clean, and the latest design trends. Buying a shower can be a challenge, but the Reflections blog is one way we’re trying to make it easier for you!

What’s New in 2016:
We’ll be posting lots of new content on the blog in 2016. Tell your friends!

Introducing the Metro Shower Door

DullesGlassShower2015 was a banner year for new products. One we’re especially proud of is the Metro sliding shower door. It is a great solution for an economical, fast, and low-stress bathroom update, because it can be installed over an existing bathtub. Or, you can replace your bathtub with a Metro sliding shower door, and not have to remodel your entire space. Read up on the Metro.

What’s New in 2016: Well, we can’t tell you just yet, but we’re launching a brand-spanking-new shower in early 2016 that you are gonna love! Keep checking back.

Get “Pinspired”

Dulles_Glass_PinterestWe revamped and relaunched our Pinterest page for Dulles Glass. Now, there are more great shower door inspiration photos than ever, all organized in easy-to-browse albums.  If you’ve not gotten your new shower yet, it’s a great place to see all the great kinds of shower doors we offer. And if you have, there are some great decor, cleaning, and other tips for the new shower owner. Check it out!

What’s New in 2016: We’ll be putting up lots of new pins – be sure to follow us on Pinterest!

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