Five Reasons You Should Be Talking About Rain Glass Shower Doors

A customer shower featuring rain glass.

Rain glass shower doors? Sounds boring, right?

Nope! If you’re looking for a new showering experience, you need to know that there’s more out there besides the standard (and equally beautiful) clear glass.

When you choose a shower from Dulles Glass, you’ll have several glass types to choose from. One of these types is rain glass, a specialty glass type that mimics the appearance of a gentle rain cascading down your shower glass.  Here are five things you need to know about rain glass:

One: It Adds Privacy

Rain glass affords you a little bit more privacy than a standard clear glass shower door. We all have our different reasons for wanting more privacy – maybe you have kids who haven’t learned how to knock yet, or maybe you’re on the modest side (or maybe you just don’t want to look at someone else showering while you’re trying to brush your teeth!)  Whatever the reason, the translucent quality of rain glass gives you just the amount of privacy you’re seeking.

Two: It’s Inspired by Nature

For those of you striving for a spa-like experience in your bathroom, the dreamy quality of rain glass can be just what the recipe calls for. Inspired by nature, rain glass creates a pleasantly languid atmosphere evocative of five-star resorts and spas everywhere. Rain glass, like its name, evokes the natural beauty of a gentle summer rain shower.

Three: It’s Very Forgiving

Rain glass, with its textured patterning on on one side, obscures any errant fingerprints, water smudges, or soap scum. While we do have

A real customer installation of a bathtub screen featuring rain glass.

treatment like ClearShield that will help protect your clear glass shower from water spots and soap scum build up, rain glass can hide your lackluster cleaning habits in the face of unexpected guests (hi, Mom!).

Four: It’s Easy to Clean

Speaking of cleaning, rain glass is easy to clean. As we mentioned, it is only patterned on the outside, meaning the inside is just smooth glass. And the best news is that rain glass can also be treated with ClearShield glass protector so that cleaning the inside surface is a breeze. Keep your squeegee handy and you will be in great shape!

Five: It’s Easy to Match Your Decor

Bathrooms are all about privacy. Many bathrooms already have rain glass or block glass privacy windows, wall partitions, or other decor that will match a rain glass shower. If you have something very particular in your bathroom, rain glass will serve as a very neutral item, sure to match anything you have. So, it’s basically a magical unicorn of decor items. It looks great without taking away from anything else.

Rain glass not your thing? No worries! We’ve got plenty of other options for you to choose from.

So what are you waiting for? Get a Quote on a brand new shower today.

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