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We Get Four Stars; Our Customer Gets Five

Dulles Glass Four Star Review And Counting

Dulles Glass recently finished a project – helping a customer create a home gym with a large wall mirror – that taught us a thing or three, thanks to the candid and helpful feedback our customer offered in his review. One is that our sale price incentive on MiraSafe gym mirrors is definitely encouraging people to call and check out our services. Two is that Dulles Glass gets to work with some pretty cool people, who will hang in there even if things don’t go perfectly smoothly right away. Three is that our commitment to getting the job done right is ultimately what’s working for us – and our customers.

MiraSafe On Sale?


A MiraSafe gym mirror from Dulles Glass.

You might wonder why we run sales on a product that you can’t buy elsewhere. MiraSafe gym mirrors are available exclusively from Dulles Glass. These mirrors involve a special process that makes them more durable — they don’t shatter into shards on impact. Gym activities naturally increase the chance of an accident, so this is a pretty significant safety feature, and we could charge more for it. But, it is still a very new-to-market product, and our plan is to create as many satisfied customers as possible to help us spread the word about how truly great this product is. That’s why we offer the promotional pricing.

Our 5-Star Customer

Here’s what happened: Our customer was creating his home gym, and while researching mirrors, found our MiraSafe offer online. He calls, but gets some confusing information initially (our inbound call people hadn’t been given the proper start date for sale pricing).  Our bad. Well, he worked through that, and when the installation was completed, he took the time to give us a candid review: 4 stars, noting the initial struggle, but praising his sales person (Go Haylee!) for taking good care of him. Giving credit where credit is due, and helping us sharpen our service – that is a 5-star customer.

We Are Going to Get It Right

At some point, everybody in business knows the feeling: each new day seems to be an opportunity to make a fresh, innovative goof. Ugh! The real mistake though, the really serious mistake, is not learning from the feedback we get.  All of the management team at Dulles Glass reads every review we get, from every source: Angie’s List, Google, Yelp, Facebook, and even private post-installation surveys. Every review. Because of this latest one, we’ve got a new process check to ensure that we’re communicating better inside the office about pricing. And, with a little help from our friends, we’re feeling that we’re on the right track about being able to keep our promise to our customers to exceed their expectations on their projects.  Thanks, customers!

Note:  You can order MiraSafe gym mirrors online from our sister site, Dulles Glass & Mirror. Or if you’re in the local DC Metropolitan area, you can get a quote to have your mirrors installed.

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