Get the Look: Dream Bathroom #1

This stunning spa-like dream bathroom may look amazing,  but it’s not out of your reach!  Here’s all you need to know about how to get the look – the look of a place you’re going to want to spend a whole lot more time!

What’s In This Dream Bathroom:

Door & Panel Shower

Of course *we* think the centerpiece of this gorgeous bathroom is the shower.  What’s shown in the photo above is a custom Door & Panel shower (sometimes called an “inline” shower) made of high-quality 1/2″ HD Glass.  HD Glass is a low-iron version of our standard glass with superior clarity.  This one has been treated with ClearShield, a protectant that makes the glass a whole lot easier to clean over time.

Transom-detail (1)Steam Shower/Transom
Another great feature of this shower is the transom or steam shower at the top. What makes this option great is that you can open the transom to allow steam out, or you can close the transom to keep the steam in, creating a mini sauna right in your own bathroom. Ahhhhhhh….
Classic-HandleClassic Chrome Handle
This sleek chrome handle is a real eye-catcher, without being too modern or ornamental. But hey, if modern or ornamental is your thing, we’ve got those too! All of our handles are made of stainless steel with a chrome coating for maximum durability.
glass-to-glass-hinge (1)Chrome Hinges
So, hinges aren't the most interesting thing in this image, but once you feel how smooth and solid they make your shower feel, you'll have a whole new appreciation! We source our high-quality hinges from premium manufacturers and don't skimp - plus, we include them in our warranty. That way you won't have to worry about failure.
round-mirror (1)Custom Round Beveled Edge Mirror
Available on our sister site,, you can customize the size, shape, edge type and even color of your mirror. Shipped quickly and in one piece, custom mirrors are an economical way to bring the look of luxury without breaking the bank!
drapesSilk Drapes
Nothing says luxury like a Dupioni silk drape. Sure, you can get custom drapes - but you can also order them online in a standard size from many retailers (like these Dupioni Silk Drapes in Flagstone Gray from Pottery Barn).
coral_bayMarble Flooring
You can go all out and get marble floor tiles, but here's a insider secret: Lots of flooring manufacturers make marble-look, realistic stone, and slate-like tiles that have great color variation and texture but don't have the sticker shock of a real marble floor. We're showing one example here: A Luxury Vinyl Tile from Mannington Residential, in a calming, tranquil light color called Coral Bay. This would make a great choice in any bathroom!
towelsRibbed Cotton-Linen Terry Towels
Now here's a good place to splurge again. Fluffy cotton towels with an interesting texture not only look great but they feel great too. You can find great towels at many discount retailers, but if you have a specific color, texture, or material in mind, a higher-end retailer such as Restoration Hardware is a great way to go. And that's where we found these.

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