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How To Renovate Your Bathroom In A Week

Renovating your bathroom to a modern design doesn’t have to take months. You can easily modernize your bathroom with a fresh coat of paint, frameless glass shower doors, and a new custom frameless mirror. If your timeframe is very important, we at Dulles Glass can work with you on installing your shower enclosure, mirrors, and other glass within your timeframe. While it won’t always be possible to meet a tight deadline, we’re always up for a challenge! Depending on where you are in your remodeling process, it’s possible to get a new shower installed within 7 days.

Bathroom Paint Trends

The first step in updating your bathroom is to add a fresh coat of paint. Taupes and grays are still trendy for 2017. It’s recommended to use a semi-gloss paint so that mold and mildew cannot adhere to your walls. If your bathroom is extra prone to mold or mildew,  Biolime, an all-natural paint, is gaining popularity due to it not having harsh chemicals while having a porosity to help moisture evaporate from walls. Plus, the paint contains natural biocides. Going green is always in style!

Frameless Rectangle Mirror

Frameless Bathroom Mirror

If you want a new look for your bathroom, an easy update is having a new bathroom mirror installed. You can stand out from the crowd by choosing a mirror shape that is not standard. Large round mirrors will stand out from the typical square or rectangle bathroom vanity mirrors. Beveled edges are also a unique choice for a bathroom mirror as they are traditional yet timeless. You can customize the dimensions of your mirror’s beveled edges as Dulles Glass offers the ability to customize the look of their mirror. Mirrors are available in up to a maximum of 48″ x 72″. Not only do you get to choose the mirror size, the following mirror shapes are available:

  • Rectangle
  • Square
  • Oval
  • Round
  • Wall-length

In addition to these mirror customizations,, there are a few mirror tints to choose from such as gray and bronze colored mirrors. Mirror hardware can also be customized to match your existing hardware. This includes J-Bars, L-Bars and mirror clips. A Dulles Glass expert can install your new bathroom mirror. The mirror price includes installation and a warranty.

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Bathroom Shower Ideas | Glass Shower Doors

Prior to having Dulles Glass install glass shower doors, we recommend updating your shower basin or tile first as the glass shower doors will be attached to the basin or tiles. Decorative rock shower basins pair really well with earth tones, while others prefer the sleek look of teak mat shower basins. The glass shower door will be the finishing touch to your bathroom remodel. Luckily, Dulles Glass offers glass shower doors in a variety of styles that are easily customizable. Let’s go through the various styles to determine the best glass shower door for your bathroom.

Glass Shower Doors By Dulles Glass

                                      Teak Mat Shower Basin:

Neo-Angle & Corner Showers:

The main difference between neo-angle showers and corner showers is that neo-angle showers form a diamond shape — like a corner with the tip cut. Both types of showers are considered space savers.

Door & Panel Shower Doors:

Also known as inline showers, these glass doors and panels consist of tempered glass that fit over shower stalls to form a straight line, such as showers that border a wall on all three sides. Single glass shower doors are also available.

Sliding Glass Showers:

As the name implies, these frameless shower glass doors are affixed to stainless steel tracks that come in a variety of hardware finishes such as chrome, oil-rubbed bronze and brushed nickel. In many cases, a sliding shower door can be installed where you previously have a framed shower or over a bathtub.  Find out more information on shower door installations.

Stainless Steel Tracks For Sliding Glass Showers

All shower types are custom shower glass panels cut to fit any style of a bathroom as well as custom cut to fit knee walls. Hardware finishes such as shower knobs, handles and towel bars and glass types are other popular ways to customize your glass shower door. Find out how you can keep your glass shower doors clean with Clearshield, a protective layer that prevents hard water and soap scum deposits. If you’re ready to update your bathroom with Dulles Glass, request a consultation below.

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