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Glass Handrail Installation

Modern Stair Railing Designs

Modernize Your Stair Railing & Floor Designs

Incorporate modern stair railing into your home or your business interior design. Stairways are one design element that is often overlooked. We use stairs all the time, and often don’t give them a second thought. Today we’re going to give you some ideas of how you can remodel your stairways to really fit the style of your home or business. We’ll cover everything from stairway floor coverings to glass handrails.

Brass & Metal Modern Stair Design Ideas

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One characteristic that separates brass stairs is the material, as most flooring is composed of wood or other textiles such as carpet. Brass stairs can add an industrial look with some subtle color notes, or a more rustic look if you have the right décor. In fact, there is a plethora of metal material to use as flooring for your stairs. Some designers prefer to only use metal as an accent for stairway trims or an overlay that is used for the stairway riser while using wood on the landing and tread, the stairway component that forms the steps. Pair brass metal flooring with tinted glass handrails in bronze to complete your look.

All White Modern Stair Design

White Stair Designs

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Using white in your stairway design will help expand narrow passages and add light to dark areas. In modern architecture, white will serve as a clean backdrop to showcase your design features. If your walls are dark, white will add eye-catching contrast. Pair all white stairs with glass handrails for an ultra modern look that will never go out of style.

Terrazzo Flooring For Modern Stairs

Modern Stair Railing With Terrazzo Flooring

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Originally invented in Venice, Italy in the early 1900s, terrazzo is a blend of many materials mixed with epoxy or another binding resin. Materials can include crushed marble, quartz, granite, and glass. Epoxy terrazzo is used primarily indoors, while cement-based terrazzo is best for outdoor stairways. Like other flooring, terrazzo is now available in many styles and colors, ranging from neutral tones to bold designs. One reason to have terrazzo is that it is low maintenance, whether indoors or outdoors. Combine terrazzo with some modern stair railing and you can revive this vintage look that was so popular in the 60s.

Glass Handrail

Glass Handrail Installation

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Glass handrails can open up space and add a feeling of expansiveness. In addition, the glass will fit with any style of stairway you choose. There are several different styles of glass handrails to choose from at Dulles Glass: post base, shoe base, and standoff base. Glass handrails can add to any of the previous looks as it goes well with many floor styles.

Modern Stair Railing & Glass Handrail Types

Post base railings have glass panels anchored in place by posts that are drilled directly into stairs. Shoe base glass railings are held in place by metal grates that run low to the surface of the stairs and extend to anchors on the floor at the bottom of the stairs. With standoff railings, each glass pane is anchored independently into the surface of the stairs. The style best for your home or office will be up to you, but you can rest assured your glass railings will last for years because we fabricate them with high-quality tempered glass.

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