Mold: Protect Your Family!

If you have a standard shower curtain with the usual plastic liner in your bathroom, you’ve probably seen it. After so many showers, black, brown, or even orange mold starts to grow. Then you’ve got to disassemble the entire shower curtain, put the liner in the washer, and then put it all back together.  And I’m willing to bet there’s a fair number of you who do what I used to do – throw the whole liner out and buy a cheap, clingy new liner every time.  But what exactly is that stuff growing on there?

Types of Shower Curtain Mold

Methylobacterium Mold

Methylobacterium enlarged (Source: Microbe Wiki)

There are several types of mold that can grow on shower curtains.  This group of mold is known as biofilms.

Methylobacterium and Sphingomonas are slow-growing molds that can be harmful to people with compromised immune systems, like the elderly and children.  Methylobacterium contributes to a pink-ish colored film you might see on shower curtains. Sphingomonas is abundant, and can cause infections like pneumonia, skin infections, and abscesses. Yuck!

Beyond that, one of the key sources of microbes found on shower curtains is your toilet! That’s right…even if it’s across the room, pathogenic microbes can travel to your shower and curtain up to a distance of 20 feet when you flush the toilet! So basically, you’re taking a shower in your toilet water, if you want to think about it that way. (But seriously, don’t think about it that way.)

According to the Microbe Wiki (yes, there is such a thing), vinyl shower curtains are where mold grows the fastest. These microbes like to live in folds created by any curtain.

How to Get Rid of Shower Curtain Mold – Forever!

Metro sliding shower door installed over a bathtub.

Metro sliding shower door installed over a bathtub.

So what’s the answer?  The best way is to get rid of your shower curtain entirely. Installing a beautiful new glass shower is your ticket to getting away from all the toxic mold. Glass, by itself, inhibits the growth of mold and is much easier to clean.

And, a shower project doesn’t have to mean an entire bathroom remodel. If you have a bathtub with a shower inside, an easy upgrade is to install a Metro sliding shower door, which can be installed over a bathtub. Sometimes, if you have a bathtub, you can replace the entire area with a Door & Panel shower door and ditch the bathtub (they’re breeding grounds for bacteria too!).

Get More Protection with ClearShield®

On top of glass inhibiting the growth of bacteria, there’s another step you can take when you’re getting a glass shower. Getting it treated with ClearShield® Shower Protectant before installation adds another, powerful layer of protection to your shower, as it significantly reduces the growth of bacteria. ClearShield is a proprietary formula applied to the glass of your shower that keeps your shower cleaner, longer. With intermittent maintenance cleanings, you can easily keep the surfaces clean and free of mold and other growths.

What are you waiting for? Get a new shower from Dulles Glass today, and say goodbye to nasty microbes!  We can help! Get a quote online or call us today: (703)361-9994.

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