Chili Amar Bathroom Remodel

Radio Personality Chilli Amar Gets a New Metro Sliding Shower

If any of you early birds out there listen to 97.1 WASH-FM from 5am-9am, you’ll have heard Chilli Amar talking

Radio personality Chilli Amar

Radio personality Chilli Amar

about everything from what’s new on TV to her precious son Donato. Lately, she’s been talking about her bathroom renovation project, which we here at Dulles Glass were so excited to be able to help her accomplish!

Chilli's shower "before" Dulles Glass!

Chilli’s shower “before” Dulles Glass!

Chilli had an older style brass framed shower in the master bathroom of the home she shares with husband, Don, and her son. One of the problems with this style of shower is that the doors are often hard to open and close, and can be noisy. The tracks that the doors slide often get filled with mold and a build-up of residue, which is a big “nope” in our book. On top of that, this style is just not very modern and makes the entire bathroom look very dated.

Lucky for Chilli, we have just the answer to her bathroom problem!

Easy Online Custom Shower Door Quote from Dulles Glass!

Chilli actually came to our website and used our online quote form to get a quote on her shower door. She was able to work with our sales associates to figure out what she wanted and needed with her new shower door.

Of course Chilli wanted a modern, up-to-date look for her new bathroom. In the end, she chose a beautiful, new Metro sliding shower door. The Metro shower door has a quiet (nearly silent!) gliding mechanism at the top, made with top quality hardware. Even better, the Metro shower looks almost completely frameless.

Metro Sliding Shower Door Installation

The Metro shower door is available in a variety of configurations, including the corner version that Chilli chose for chilli-amar-after-picher bathroom. You can get your own custom shower door in any configuration and style.

“Dulles Glass came out to the house to measure and even helped me pick out the perfect frameless shower for our space,” says Chilli. “It’s a great way to upgrade your bathroom without spending a lot of money.”

Installers came to Chilli’s house in just about a week from the time she got her quote from us. This meant she could have her new shower door well in advance of the holidays. Chili’s shower is installed and she loves it. We love to hear that!

Thank you, Chilli, for being a great customer. We loved working with you! If you’re looking at a new shower for 2017, it’s easy to get started. Just go to our easy-to-use online form and get a quote today!

And don’t forget to catch Chilli & Loo in the mornings on WASH-FM 97.1 in the DC metropolitan area!

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