How to Renovate Your Restaurant
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How to Renovate Your Restaurant

Renovate your restaurant with custom glass.  There are a lot of factors that go into making a restaurant look appealing and Dulles Glass can help you achieve the look you desire. The food, the quality of service, and the décor of a restaurant each play a role in the success of your restaurant. An important Custom Glass Table Tops for Restaurant Supplypart of décor is the type of glass and mirrors customers will see when they walk in.

Dulles Glass is the largest glass retailer specializing in custom cut glass for sale. This includes mirrors and whether or not you will have glass table tops for indoor or outdoor dining. Mirrors inside your restaurant can add a feeling of depth, while mirrors along the walls of an open kitchen can make it easier for your staff to monitor patrons and make small restaurants look bigger in size.


Renovate Your Restaurant With a Wall Mirror Or Custom Cut Mirror


Restaurant Wall Mirrors

Choosing a custom cut mirror might sound complicated, but the most important point to consider is how clear of an image you want to project, the size of the mirror that will be needed, and the style of your mirror. If using a few small, strategically placed mirrors you can choose from rectangular, square, circular or oval designs. Flat, beveled and seamed edges each produce a different effect on how the image seen in the mirror is perceived. Take a look at all the custom mirrors available on Dulles Glass & Mirror.

You should also consider how you’re going to mount any mirrors. You might choose decorative clips, standoffs or rosettes to add a look ranging from antique or Victorian to very modern. J- or L-bars will add a functional look and are available in chrome, nickel or brass. Mirror mastic affixes the mirror directly to the wall and it’s also the most sturdy means of hanging a mirror. We have a convenient glass load calculator for your new mirror right here so you can find out before you place your order how much each mirror will weigh. Renovating your restaurant Our professional installers will take measurements and install your mirrors. 

Add a Touch of Modernity with a Gray Mirror

A gray tinted mirror is a perfect addition to your restaurant. The gray-tinted mirror can be custom cut to fit as a large wall mirror or partition. Or decorate your restaurant’s bathrooms with large oval or circle mirrors from our glass shop.

Restaurant Custom Glass Table Tops & Table Covers

Restaurant glass table tops make for easy cleaning and a modern look. They’ll protect your tables from nicks, scrapes and other damage. You can choose a variety of shapes for both indoor and outdoor tables. Pay careful attention to the type of glass, and the edging. In addition, annealed or tempered glass will be a must if using a glass to protect a table but is also suitable for tables where the glass is embedded in a metal frame. Dulles Glass & Mirror offers custom cut patio tables to insert umbrellas.

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Glass Shelve Kits for Your Store Display

You might also consider glass shelves in your restaurant renovation to add a sleek, modern look to storage and display areas that customers can see. You can use glass in your display and table settings. You could use square, rectangular, triangular, pentagonal or quarter-circle shelves depending upon how much storage they’re needed for, and where they’ll be placed. Or take advantage of your wall space by adding corner shelves that are modern and styled to your preference. Tempered glass shelves will be the strongest type of glass for your display. For custom glass shelves, you can choose glass tints from clear, low-iron, frosted, bronze or gray glass. We also offer glass shelve kits.

Plexiglass Panels for Restaurant Interior Design

Our plexiglass panels can be used in the design process of your restaurant as well as for replacing glass. Dulles Glass & Mirror can replace broken glass tables, shelves, mirrors and other glass types to match the rest of your furniture. Other creative applications to use with acrylic glass panels include railings, skylights, greenhouses and restaurant casings or displays. Acrylic glass panels can be cut to size for design projects and for replacement glass panels. Our acrylic glass is the ideal glass to use for silk screening your logo or design.

restaurant wall mirror

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If you prefer to buy glass online or your restaurant supplies online, our e-commerce store ships nationwide.If you are located in the Washington DC region, we have a glass mirror shop near you that professionally installs glass & mirror fixtures throughout Northern Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC.


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