Neo Angle Frameless Shower Door

Saving and Shaping Space with Corner and Neo Angle Showers

Neo Angle Shower Door

Why Choose a Neo Angle Shower?

One of the most common shower styles is the corner shower and its cousin, the diamond-shaped neo angle shower. Corner and neo angle showers both can be installed in corners, making them a space-saving option in some cases. They’re perfect for installation in bathrooms with low or angled ceilings. Neo-angle showers can fit into small bathrooms due the configuration. In addition, corner and neo angle showers are frameless, and are easier to clean because there are fewer places for dirt and grime to accumulate.

The frameless glass allows for more light flow, creating an open space especially for bathrooms that don’t have a lot of natural sunlight. The frameless glass also has a cleaner appearance to showcase your tile work.

Neo Angle & Corner Shower Configuration

Dulles Glass can configure your corner and neo angle showers in a variety of ways. Corner showers can be two or more full glass panels and two full wall panels to form the sides. You may also have half, or knee walls to factor into your shower shape. The doors can open to the left or right, and the door may attach to a wall or to other panels of glass. The way your shower is configured can affect the cost of your shower.

How to install a frameless shower door - Neo Angle & Corner Shower Configurations and Laytouts

Custom Glass Panels For Neo Angle Showers

A neo angle shower can have 3 or 5 full panels, or can include half walls on one or both sides, depending on the size of your shower. Most neo angle shower doors are hinged to other glass panels, which affects the price and what kind of hinges you can have.  

Visit a Dulles Glass Shower Door Showroom

For either shower type, we recommend coming to our shower door showroom in Virginia, Maryland or Washington DC. or booking a shower door remodeling in-home consultation, so that our shower door experts can help you get the exact shower you need for your space.

Corner Neo Angle Shower Customizations

You should also consider putting a transom in your new shower. A transom, which opens where the top of the shower panels reaches the ceiling of the bathroom, will allow steam to be released from the shower whenever you like. A transom can be an excellent way to control the temperature of a shower.. You can read more about the options and functional considerations of installing a new shower or remodeling your current shower with our handy shower construction guide.

Shower Door Glass Can Be Customized By Tint & Texture

Dulles Glass offers a variety of customizations to make your shower match the style of your bathroom. HDglass™,  clear, rain and frosted glass let you choose the amount of privacy you will have in the shower. HDglass gives the clearest view in and out of the shower, while rain and frosted offer the most privacy by making your new shower more opaque. You should be sure to get your glass with a coating of ClearShield, which protects the glass from residue build-up and makes it easier to clean. The style of glass, hardware and finish you choose all come together to give your frameless corner or neo angle shower the look you want.

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Corner Frameless Shower

For the hardware finishes, we have chrome, brushed nickel, oil rubbed bronze and brass available. The finish you choose will depend upon what you think fits best with the design and décor of your bathroom space. There are other customizations to make your home more comfortable: for example you can choose from a variety of shower door handles and towel bar designs. We offer a range of shower door handles, from Colonial and Victorian style, to square and ladder style, from traditional to retro to sleek contemporary style. Changing up your shower design, or even installing a brand new shower, doesn’t have to be difficult. Visit Dulles Glass today to see all the choices at your fingertips.

Visit Our Shower Construction Guide For More Layouts



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