Small Bathroom Showers

Three Tips for Small Bathroom Showers

Not all of us have a master bathroom with room in it to host an interpretive dance recital. Many home improvement sites and magazines show bathrooms with exercise equipment, elaborate dressing areas, and a veritable garden of potted plants. That’s very inspirational, but let’s get real, folks.

Some of us have this: A tiny vanity with a single sink, a toilet, and a small shower.  And that’s it. Does that mean you can’t have nice things? Of course not!

Here are three tips for small bathrooms with a small shower space that will give you that feeling of every day luxury.

Tip #1: A Bathtub Screen

If you’ve got the standard bathtub/shower curtain combo, and are looking for something a litte more upscale, we have lots of options for you. A bathtub screen replaces your shower curtain and allows in more light, making a small bathroom feel more airy. These bathtub screens can be fixed or moveable (swinging in and out like a door). And they can be your style – with rounded corners to change the look, or straight edges, and your choice of hardware finishes.


This is a very simple way to create a more luxurious feel in a small bathroom. It’s a great solution for city apartment bathrooms, condos, or old homes where bathrooms are smaller.

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Tip #2: Single Glass Shower Doors

Single glass shower doors are made for a particular shape and size of space. If you already have one and want to replace it, that’s great…your choice is easy. If you have a small bathroom with a bathtub in it and want to remodel completely, you’ll need to discuss your choices with a glass pro from Dulles Glass. They’ll want to make sure your space can handle a different configuration, and that simple things like which way the door opens, don’t affect your bathroom remodel adversely.


With that caveat, a single glass shower door will work well in many small bathrooms. A few things to consider when looking at a single glass shower door:

  • Glass Type: You can choose from standard tempered glass or HDglass™ (our ultraclear, low-iron glass). You can also choose something more daring, like smoked gray glass or a frosted glass.
  • Hardware Finishes: Just because the shower is on the smaller side doesn’t mean your hardware can’t look fab. We offer several great colors: chrome, brushed nickel, oil rubbed bronze, and brass.
  • ClearShield Glass Protector: Get your shower treated with this protector, and cleaning your shower will be a breeze.

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Tip #3: Sliding Bathtub or Shower Doors

A few weeks ago, we introduced you to the Metro shower door, a handy-dandy way to get rid of your shower curtain forever. The Metro is a sleek, modern sliding door option that turns the notion of heavy frames and tracks upsidedown! With just a simple round bar on the top that slides noiselessly and smoothly on wheels, this shower is the way to go.  But, we also offer other kinds of sliding shower doors that will do the trick.


Metro sliding bathtub door (left), Linear sliding bathtub door (right).

The Metro sliding shower door also comes sized to fit with your bathtub, so that’s an option for those of you on the lookout for a simple way to fix up a small bathroom space.

And the Linear shower door system provides another look for sliding shower doors that includes a bit more of the traditional framed hardware. It’s not available in all of our glass thicknesses and types, but it’s still a high-quality option for a small space where a glass shower would optimize the look.

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Small space? So what! Sometimes the best things come in small packages! Show off those tiles, add more light, and live a life of every day luxury! You deserve it.

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