#Throwback Thursday – Vintage Pink and Black Tiles

You either know someone that has one of these classic pink bathrooms, grew up in a house that has one, or (gulp) you have one of these yourself.

Some people just love this vintage look. Other people…meh, not so much.  Are you a “get rid of it as fast as you can” type or are you the “let’s make it liveable” type?  Either way, you’ve got choices to make.

So what can you do with a vintage bathroom? We’ve got some great advice from a variety of sources.

  • Neutralize the Pink: Kylie M. over at the Interiors Blog suggests toning down the pink tiles with neutral colors like tan or brown, gray, or black. We love her suggestions, especially some great Benjamin Moore paint colors that play nicely with pink.
tile color strip

Paint colors from Sherwin-Williams Home.

  • Play Up the Pink: Our friends at Apartment Therapy blogged about pairing your pink tiles with a color on the opposite of the color wheel, like aqua, which creates an interesting visual contrast.

Via Misty at Apartment Therapy

  • Refinish Your Tiles: There are lots of ways you can improve the look of a pink bathroom. When pink tiles like this were installed years ago, it was over concrete with wire lathe. They’re good, solid tiles, too. Ripping the tiles out can be expensive and time consuming.  So getting them reglazed or doing it yourself is actually a great option that can save you time and money.

  • Replace Your Shower: What? You heard us. Don’t let the folks at Save the Pink Bathrooms color your judgment. Just as a little inspiration, here’s a crew in Minnesota who completely transformed their old pink bathroom into a spa-like oasis:

Regardless of whether you love the vintage look or your hate it, many times when you own an older home, your shower is in need of an upgrade. We’re here to help. From frosted glass (to hide the tiles!) to sleek frameless ultra-clear glass showers to showcase your renovation, we’ve got your back! Talk to a glass expert today. 

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